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We head out to the Holy Land, and spend our first day in the Galilee


Hello All!

Thank you so much for traveling with us, virtually as least, as we visit the Holy Land and begin to walk in His steps. The trip over was long and grueling, but went smoothly! I took a day to recuperate from the trip over, I hope you won't begrudge me that, and waking up this morning on "Day 2" I wanted to begin to update you on on our progress and what we're seeing, so here I am.

The trip over was long, but the 787 "Dreamliner" we rode on was very comfortable (for economy class on an overseas flight, that is). But the trip was smooth, security was smooth, and we arrived on time in Tel Aviv to meet out guide Gilla.

Yesterday, we woke up at about 6:00 when we got our morning "wake up" call... well, I say this in quotes because many of us had been awake since about 3am due to the time change haha. Moseying down to breakfast, we were treated to the "dairy meal" breakfast (due to Kosher "laws", meat and dairy are separated... so dairy in the am and meat at dinner). Breakfast is great, and this is coming from a non-breakfast person... lots of cheeses, great bread, and hummus (a personal favorite, I live on it when I come here), and then it was off to the bus by 7:45.

We had planned a ride across the Galilee on a replica of an ancient fishing boat, but "Storms" on the sea (pretty much it was a little windy and too wavy for us landlubbing tourists, Jesus and the Disciples would have laughed at us!) ) so we moved that to the afternoon, and we went to visit the site where the Sermon on the Mount is commemorated. It is NOT an "A" site (we don't know for sure it occurred here), but the topography of the place matches the Biblical account, and so it has become the place where pilgrims come to remember and event.

After a short service, we walked the ground and then moved on to Khorazin, a very ancient and well explored archaeological site. It was one of the cities mentioned by Jesus as rejecting his teachings, and so we believe he was definitely there - he or his disciples or both. And the synagogue there is very complete relatively, and gives us a good idea the size and scale of a typical synagogue.

Moving on from Khorazin, we went to Capernaum, something of Jesus "home base" in the Galilee region, and also home to the house of Peter. This is also not quite an "A" site, but Gilla describes it as a "strong B+" because the church there is built over a house, and this is typical of important sites here in Israel... when they want to remember something, they build a church over it, and do so through the ages... so where the church is is typically where whatever they were commemorating was actually located. And here, there is church after church built on one old stone house (now just stones on the ground, the outline of a house), so we believe this belongs to Peter.

Moving on once more to the Nof Ginosar kibbutz (more on those later), we saw the ancient fishing boat recovered and restored from 2000 years ago... it is from Jesus time! I won't go into how they did this when they found the boat in 1986, you can google it and find videos... but to see a 2000 year old boat and know it sailed on the Sea of Galilee (really a lake by the way, only 8 miles wide) at the same time the Lord did is amazing!

Finally, speaking of sailing, we went on our own ancient (diesel powered haha) fishing boat, and crossed the sea back to our hotel. We stopped in the middle and my mom, Joyce Mehl (our trip chaplain) spoke of Jesus and the storms we face with His guidance and protection - even when it doesnt seem like it!

After that, it was back to the hotel for the "meat" meal, off to bed... and here we are at the start of Day 2!

Last thing because i must head down to breakfast now or face being late to the bus and shamed by my group... you may be asking yourself, "why are there no pictures here, I want to see pictures!"

Well, the internet here is very spotty and generally costs money, but it does not at this hotel. Which is great on the one hand, however there are some large groups here, and as yet I have not been able to successfully upload a picture. I have been "googling" and I believe I have a solution, but I don't have time to try it now... so I PROMISE I will work on figuring it out tonight, so you can see what we are seeing.

In the meantime, my inadequate words will have to suffice... Lord bless and keep us in your prayers as we head out for day 2!


Addendum - I am going to try to upload some pictures now sorry its out of order...


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