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Day 3 - Nazareth, Sephoris, Ein Harod, & Beit Shean

Well here I am on catch-up-blog-day, and I'm on to Day 3. Which for us, was today.

We started out the day at a "Nazareth Village." This is a reproduction of a village as it would have been in Jesus time, complete with some character actors going about their daily business... and in the background of a couple of the pics you can see modern Nazareth. We saw how the people dressed, animals they had, how an actual olive oil press worked, and an example of what a synagogue of the day would have looked like since all the ones we'd seen so far were in ruins.

Ignore the fact that the shepherd looks like he just wants to go home and play on his X-Box... the people there were great. And also, the picture of the Roman Soldier was supposed to show how they dressed at the time. But I included it because, lets all admit it, he's pretty creepy. Oh, and "Rachel" caught me taking a picture of her with my mom, and gave me... the look. Sorry Rachel!


Next we went to see the Sephoris archeological site. We saw a synagogue as well as the home of a very rich person, both of which had floors covered with amazing mosaics... including one that has been called the "Mona Lisa" of the middle east.


Our next stop was Ein Harod, where the Lord helped Gideon pick his small force of fighting men. We know this is an "A" site (about as verified as it can be historically) because its the only spring in the area where we know the event took place. So its pretty amazing to see...


And finally, we ended the day at Beit Shean, a MASSIVE excavation site... a complete city really, complete with theater, roadways, shops, and even a public latrine. Walking in through the gates and seeing it is breathtaking. Biblically, its the city where King Saul and his sons were hung on the walls after they were killed.


Ok... that catches us up, and I'm tired - the bus comes way too early in the morning. But thank you again for reading, and Day 4 coming soon!

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