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Day 2 - Dan, Banias, Nimrods Castle, and the northern border

Ok... so I am VERY sorry for not starting this blog off on a great foot. The hotel we are staying in has free wifi (a rarity over here) and thats great... but it comes at a price. It means EVERYONE is using it, and the already slow internet and bandwidth have made things... difficult to say the least. I was able to type, but not able to successfully upload pictures, which... well lets be real, no one wants to hear me type, you all want to see the pictures.

But I believe (hope, pray, cross fingers, all of the above) that I have the issue defeated by making the file sizes on the pictures smaller, so they will actually upload. Sooooo... I apologize for the less than great resolution, but hopefully its better than nothing!

Also, since I am catching up and hoping to publish days 2 (yesterday) and 3 (today) both this evening, I will be short on the typing and long on the pictures. And then in the future, being all caught up, I will work into a happy medium with both. So thank you again for your patience!

Ok here we go.... we woke up on Day 2, and headed north out of Tiberius toward Dan, and the headwaters of the Jordan River. In Dan we saw Abrahams Gate, which is literally a near 4000 year old mud-brick gate that Abraham would have actually walked through... and we're looking at it... think about that! Also at Dan, our very own Lisa Reslock spoke to us and, continued at Banias / Caesarea Philippi (where Jesus asked "Who do you say that I Am?"), and gave a personal testimony which was so great! Ask your friend/family member to tell you about it when they get home.


Also at Dan, we could look across into Lebanon and see the village where Hezbollah has lobbed rockets into Israel, as well as a few burned out tanks.


From Dan and Banias, we went to see a crusader castle... not really Biblically significant, but really great! Admittedly, I like castles so this was a selfish addition to the schedule... but everyone else seemed to like it and let their inner knight in shining armor out... so yay castle!


Finally, we went way, way north to the border of Syria. In the picture you see a UN encampment in the foreground, and a Syrian town (around the lake) in the background. Having seen the Lebanese border and the Syrian border in less than an hour, it brings home how small and vulnerable Israel is...


Ok, back for more tomorrow, thanks for reading along!

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