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Day 9 - Valley of Elah, Latrun, and Bethlehem

Another whirlwind of pictured or day 9... but I want you to see it!

Another day of rain as well, but our intrepid travelers braved it bravely (?) and soldiered on (no pun intended since we visited Latrun).

Starting off the day, we visited the Valley of Elah, where David slew Goliath. This is an "A" place, we know it happened in this location, and standing there imagining the Children of Israel on one side and the Philistines on the other side(s) is incredible. We also saw the brook that still winds its way through the area, but thanks to the rain and our consideration for the bus driver and his bus, we looked from inside and saved him 17 pair of muddy shoes.

Next we went to Latrun... a military museum dedicated to Israel's mechanized divisions which means tanks! This is one of if not the largest tank museum in the world, they have over 150... but more importantly, its a memorial to those who gave their lives in defending the state of Israel from the 1948 war through the present.

Finally, we went to a bit of a "surprise" place as we weren't sure we would go and it wasn't officially on the schedule... Bethlehem. There we saw the church of the nativity, built traditionally on the place Jesus was born. It is an extremely old church and has many underground grottos to explore.

That's it for day 9, day 10 soon!


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