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Day 8 - Temple Mount, Western Wall, Tunnel, Museum...

I am so sorry things have gotten away from me and I've fallen behind here... so I'm just going to tell you what you're seeing and post a bunch of pictures for the next couple days so you see them before we get home!

Day 8 was a rainy day! We first went to visit the Temple Mount which is the original location of the Temple, but is now home to the Al Aqsa mosque (the black one) and the Dome of the Rock (the gold one), which covers the stone from which they believe Mohamed ascended, but also is a good candidate for the Holy place of the Temple... thus the fighting over the land there.

After coming off the Temple Mount and circling back through the Muslim Quarter of the city, we came back to the Western Wall and went under it... technically underground along the bottom of the original first century Temple of Jesus time. Down there you see one of the largest stones (3rd largest I believe) ever used in a man made structure - it weighs as much as a fully loaded 747 and is the foundation of the 1st century temple.

Next we went to Peter Engalicantu, "Peter Cock Crows" literally, the location where Peter denied Christ and the home of Caiaphas the hi priest. Here we also see stairs that date back to Jesus time, and which we know he walked on as he walked across from here to the Garden of Gethsemane, and these were the stairs used at the time for those in the area. Pretty amazing...

Finally we went to the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book. We saw so many amazing things at the Museum, including a model of the city as it was in Jesus time. Sorry, no pictures in the Shrine of the Book, but your friends and family can tell you all about it.

Thus ends day 8!


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