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Day 5 - Jordan River Baptism, Ein Gedi, Qumran, and Masada

Well here we are on Day 5, and this morning we head out of the Galilee region and down the entire length of the country to end up in Eilat. Its 350 miles - not a lot by U.S. standards, but its all they have here!

We started the day out by riding about 90 minutes south of the Sea of Galilee, to a baptismal spot on the Jordan river. There is a bigger, nicer, newer spot for this right south of the Lake - and it has much cleaner looking water. However, this spot is much more authentic, with less people and is closer Geographically to the Biblical accounts. It is also right across the river (I'd guess 30 feet) from the country of Jordan - so we were warned don't cross those ropes in the water or you might not come back!

But kidding aside, we had a wonderful little service with 8 of our number being baptized.


Next we headed further south to Ein Gedi... this is a finger that runs up into the mountains from lower down near the dead sea, and it is very green due to it being one of the few water sources coming from the mountains, which creates several areas of waterfalls. Based on this, we know that this is the exact area where David hid out from Saul, and cut the cloth from the hem of his garment... its an "A" site, and in addition, its beautiful... and there are Coneys (Hyrax)!


Moving even further south, we visited Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Next time someone tells you the Bible is inaccurate because its been translated too many times by mankind, tell them that in fact the Dead Sea Scrolls contain fragments from all of the canon, and even a COMPLETE version of Isaiah circa Jesus time... and it can be read today and matches the current translations.


Finally, we stopped at Masada, Herod's great fortress that was later used by the Zealots and besieged by the Romans. After a long time of encamping below and building a ramp (seen in the pics), they eventually breached the gate - only to find that all the Zealots had killed themselves to avoid being killed and their wives and children used as slaves. There is an old movie that tells the story if you want to know more... but the fortress itself is an impressive archaeological site. By the way - I wish we could claim we climbed the mountain via the "snake path"... but no, we used the ultra modern day tram made by a Swiss company that builds trams in the Alps.


Ok thank you again for following along with us... more on Day 6 soon!

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